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Vendedor Técnico

Tempo integral | Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Nosso cliente atua no segmento cosmético e está em busca de Vendedor Técnico.





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Especialista de Vendas

Tempo integral | São Paulo – SP

Empresa multinacional de distribuição, aumentando seu quadro de funcionários da unidade de Food Nutrition está em busca de Especialista de Vendas.

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Gerente Comercial

Tempo integral |  São Paulo – SP

Empresa multinacional que atua com distribuição de especialidades, ingredientes e commodities para o mercado alimentício, aumentando seu quadro de colabores está em busca de Gerente Comercial.

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Talent Data Base
All our recruitment tools work together to provide quality options and ensure more assertiveness and agility in the process.

We have a roster of qualified and specialized professionals for the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.

Our Talent Data Base has a selection capability based on a variety of criteria, such as the candidate’s field of work, experience, function, wage bracket, company, and others.

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Candidates’ Rights
Following the first contact, Linus will give the candidate all permissible information about the project of interest and, at the proper time, about the client.

Candidate information will never be disclosed to any third parties other than those authorized by the candidate to receive such information.

When a client indicates that he wants to know you, Linus will give you all the details about the client and will also assist him at this time.

You should be aware of the fact that finalizing a process for a strategic position may take several weeks because of the series of steps it involves and the complexity of the procedures that need to be followed from the first contact with the client up to the moment of hiring a candidate.

Linus will contact you by e-mail or telephone whenever anything new happens during the process and again upon its conclusion.

Please be sure to keep your résumé updated and to provide any new information which might have a bearing on the selection process.